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Antenatal & Newborn Screening e-learning


The Antenatal & Newborn Screening eLearning Module is a free, enjoyable and flexible cross-programme training resource for all staff and students involved in antenatal and newborn screening in the NHS in England. It allows learning to be evidenced and promotes informed choice for women and their families regarding screening.

A certificate will be provided on successful completion. Those managing training locally will be able to access a report of numbers completed in each trust/university.

The UK NSC will keep this resource up-to-date and be responsive to changes in policy, practice and findings from quality assurance.

1. REGISTER: Find out more about the module and register now
2. OPEN: Start the module, or carry on from where you left off
3. HELP: Frequently Asked Questions about eLearning

We hope you enjoy working through the module and would welcome any feedback you have.

If you need any further help, please contact us but please make sure you've read the help page first, as this answers common questions about registering for and using the module.

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