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Online Learning

These pages offer links to on-line resource developed by the UK NSC or in collaboration with other organisations.


Summary of resources

Resource Programme
Screening incidents elearning module   All non-cancer screening programmes
Antenatal and newborn elearning module    All antenatal and newborn
18+0 - 20+6 weeks fetal  anomaly screening scan Fetal anomaly - scan - This module is currently being reviewed.
Condensed Education Module for Trisomy 21 (CEM T21) Fetal anomaly - T21 screening
Nuchal Translucency Fetal anomaly - Nuchal Translucency
Health Knowledge Screening Module   Principles & practice of screening
Infectious diseases elearning module Infectious diseases in pregnancy
Midwifery Screening Competencies Tool   All antenatal and newborn - for tutors
Student Midwife Pack   All antenatal and newborn - for students
BMJ Learning   All antenatal and newborn - for GPs, medical students and hospital doctors
PEGASUS Sickle cell and thalassaemia/counselling
MCADD: genetics and screening overview Newborn blood spot
Expanded newborn blood spot screening e-learning module Newborn blood spot
NIPE e-learning module Newborn and Infant Physical Examination